• Methodology
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In line with our company mission we aim to become a niche market player, offering clients the benefit of our outstanding intellectual capital, therefore Omicron had adopted a strict methodology to be followed on all consulting projects. This has been derived from the MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework) and adapted for local conditions.

At Omicron, we firmly believe that software development should be a “no surprises” process. We adhere to a best practices methodology which actively engages our team with your IT team to ensure smooth, streamlined development processes with the highest possible degree of success.

When we become your outsourcing development partner, we begin by working with you to gain a thorough understanding of the problem to be solved, from both the business and technical perspectives. We then build a team of technical resources that are the best fit for developing the systems that address your needs based on this initial assessment.

Whether you’re trying to relieve application backlog, add functionality to existing applications, or develop new applications, Omicron strict adherence to proven best practices will accelerate the software development cycle and dramatically reduce your development costs long term

The Agile Process Methodology

The Agile Process Methodology follows a controlled, iterative development and prototyping process. Throughout the process, we apply our analytical skills to solve problems, and offer our suggestions and recommendations as appropriate. Your team has opportunities at every delivery point for hands-on testing and to provide real-time feedback to perfect the software along the way. This is a collaborative process designed to facilitate smooth, streamlined development and make sure that you get the end results that you want.

Our teams adhere to the Agile Process Methodology for software development, which has been proven to facilitate effective project management every step of the way and ensure that the finished software explicitly meets all of your functional needs. The Agile Process Methodology accelerates the delivery of high-quality custom software at a fraction of the cost of in-house developed software.

Bi-Directional Communication

We firmly believe that strong bi-directional communication is a crucial element in the success of software development efforts. We encourage open, ongoing dialogue between your team and ours, leveraging email and instant messaging as much as possible to keep team members on both sides engaged and informed. This communication is conducted in English for your convenience.