• About Omicron

Omicron Solutions is a high-end consulting company with specialist skills in Portals, Business Process Automation solutions based on Microsoft and K2 technologies and Robotic Process Automation. Omicron is a dynamic and competitive organization that offers innovative and creative solution-oriented IT architecture.

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Omicrons’ specialist services incorporate: Software and application architecture, software solutions customization, customized software development, training and professional outsourcing.

Omicron focus on putting in place an enterprise-class IT environment that makes global businesses more competitive, reduce cost, decrease risk, remove complexity and improve productivity. Omicron offering is based on web content management, document management, workflow/BPM, collaboration tools and search and retrieval technologies.

Omicron realizes the promise of strategic initiatives by engineering solutions that bridge the gap between people, Business and technology. From Analysis through implementation, deployment and support, Omicron helps Enterprise, large, and small companies implement best practice solutions.

Omicron has a pragmatic, simple and cost-effective approach to solving business problems. Our staff is comprised of highly skilled certified professionals. We combine Agile development methods with the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) to deliver software solutions of superior quality.

Omicron believes that the measuring stick for quality is customer satisfaction. Ultimately, our obligation is to solve our customer`s real-world business problems. We achieve this by leveraging our experience and the application of sound and reliable software construction techniques.

Against this background, Omicron has developed its slogan: Delivering Excellence


To be the premier provider for Portal and Business Process Management services and technology solutions.


To become your long term Business Partner for Microsoft infrastructure and Business Process Management solutions. It is our intention to employ the highly specialized Microsoft and workflow consultants in the region.


  • Client Success: deliver high-quality, high-value solutions with a commitment to integrity, honesty and respect
  • Innovation: foster a culture of innovation and encourage creativity
  • Passion: vision and technological leadership coupled with a pragmatic, simple and cost-effective approach to solving business problems
  • Excellence: maintain an environment that focuses on continuous improvement, Commitment to quality and correlative accountability to customers, partners, and employees
  • Leadership: Education and empowerment of customers and employees
  • Teamwork: promote cross-functional collaboration and communication
  • Dynamic Environment: cultivate an energizing environment that instills a sense of pride and winning spirit
  • Self Motivated: Continuous improvement and quest for excellence