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Portals enable faster and more relevant decisions to increase the speed and quality of work. While boosting productivity and collaboration, portals facilitate and ensure the rapid adoption of new business solutions within the enterprise.

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Portals enable you to deliver access to the data, applications and services your employees, customers and business partners need via a Web browser. They can take the form of intranets, extranets and Internet-based Web sites.

Microsoft SharePoint Server is Microsoft's latest product for developing collaborative environments in the form of Web-based portals. Microsoft has redesigned the product to give it added functionality, and today it encompasses the following: Content Management, Business Intelligence, Organizational Search, Enterprise portals, business forms and collaboration.

There are various partners who have expertise in deploying a portal, but not many of them have the capability to use the portal platform to solve the business needs of the user. Solving a real business need will require providing a portal platform which is integrated to other Microsoft applications, Business Process Management (BPM) Products, 3rd party LOB systems like ERPs and Business Intelligence applications. A functional portal platform will be useful for the enterprise if it contains workflows for a variety of organizational processes included in it. Most of the workflows of the organization which are not executed in an ERP can be implemented in a portal framework. For this, we have partnered with BPM vendors to deliver to you end-to-end solutions.

Portals, Enterprise Content Management Solutions and Web Content Management

Omicron provides the following services within this area:

  • Implement Collaboration Solutions using Microsoft SharePoint server
  • Develops portal solutions using Microsoft Office SharePoint and Windows SharePoint Services
  • Builds Enterprise Content Management Solutions using Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Integration with back-end systems


Omicron provides the following services within this area:

  • Automate Workflows with K2
  • Automate Workflows with Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Integrating Workflows with back-end systems